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About Jay



The theatre is a glorious institution that provides entertainment and joy, but it is so much more than that. Theatre provides a means of communicating our deepest fears and desires as a society, directly addressing the Human Condition and providing a vital relief for the anxieties that go along with being alive.  Without this form of catharsis we are endangering ourselves as people. We, as artists, steer society and make each other aware of potential pitfalls and shortcomings of our own humanity.  The beautiful part being, it only takes one person in a room with a few active listeners to perform this revelatory miracle.  Beneath all the smoke and mirrors, we tell stories.  It’s an amazing gift that we bring to society.
I am passionate about our tradition of storytelling and love pushing myself and others to find a better, clearer and more entertaining way.  I understand and embrace the responsibility I have towards both myself and society and look forward to every opportunity.